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Welcome to Nith Valley Butcher & Deli, the go-to Butcher Shop in New Hamburg for premium meats and local, delectable deli delights.

For generations, Nith Valley has stood as a cornerstone of New Hamburg, epitomizing top-tier meat processing and community spirit. The shop’s transformation into a local icon was led by Mike and Sandy Roulston Koller. As they embarked on a new journey, they passed the torch to Peel Sausage, Inc., a distinguished family-run farm and meat processor from Drayton, Ontario.

Now, under the inspired leadership of Delmer Martin, Nith Valley’s legacy continues to thrive. We steadfastly uphold our commitment to exceptional quality in meat products and butchering services. Every cut we provide is a testament to our dedication and meticulous care, sourced from the finest local farms. We’re more than just a butcher shop; we’re a celebration of local tradition. Join us at Nith Valley and ‘Savour The Difference’ – a feast awaits!

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At Nith Valley Butcher and Deli, we pride ourselves in offering the freshest local meats, including top-tier cuts of beef and pork, succulent poultry, and fresh fish, but also our famously delicious cheeses. We’re thrilled to provide regular ‘extra’ great savings, ensuring our prices stay competitive with your typical grocery store. So, why settle for less? There’s no reason to bypass the opportunity to experience a superior cut of meat. Stop by today, enjoy fantastic savings, and embark on a gourmet adventure!

Nith Valley introduces

Fresh Lamb!

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Explore our diverse range of high-quality products, each with its own unique flavour and story. From the delectable variety of our Cheeses, the convenience of our ready-to-serve Sandwich Platters, to the home-cooked goodness of our Oven-Ready Meals, there’s something to delight every palate. Plus, don’t miss the treasures on our Grocery Page, featuring an array of extra local products, including fresh produce and artisanal breads, all sourced from the heart of our community.



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“Five Stars!”

Picked up some NY Ribeye steak for a get together. The staff working was so helpful.  Thank you for helping us have an amazing dinner.

Once we found this shop, we only purchase our meat here. 
We have friends that come from West of London to purchase their meat and from Hamilton.
The shop also has specialty items, along with an amazing bakery rack.

We always eat well after leaving Nith. The smoked chops are so good. Not too smokey and just the right texture. My son loves their sandwich meats and we all enjoy the sausages. 



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